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A longstanding tradition of football in his family, McVay looked Madden 23 coins to follow his grandfather John's steps, who was a long-time coach of the New York Giants, and eventually executive of the 49ers in their glory years. Sean went straight from college into Madden NFL 23 where he was an offensive assistant to the Buccaneers.

Both coaches took distinct paths, but they were mirrored by their respective paths. Taylor using his experience as a quarterback to become QB Coach in Miami, McVay doing the same with wide receivers in Washington. Both have shown incredible potential in their young minds as offensive players, and then being promoted to the position of offensive coordinator at extremely young ages. Taylor became the offensive director for the Dolphins at 30. McVay taking over Washington's offense when he was 28.

Both were in dire situations, yet both excelled. Taylor was credited with creating Ryan Tannehill as a passer and lifting the Dolphins, while McVay tried his best could in the face of a lackluster offensive staff under Jay Gruden.

The shocking moment came in the year of 2017 when McVay was appointed head coach to the Rams. As the youngest coach of Madden NFL 23 history this was a major risk of faith. Although he'd achieved great things with people like Kirk Cousins, Pierre Garcon and DeSean Michael, it was still an extremely bold decision.

It wasn't as good of luck for Taylor who was a victim with the Dolphins' sinking ship, and returned to college football to rebuild his resume for and the Cincinnati Bearcats. After a mere month into the new role, Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville dropped the team and quit, leaving Taylor in the dust. The bright offensive mind was to be taken out, swallowed and absorbed by a new system and left to dry.

Fortunately, there was a person who believe in the talent of Taylor. Saw the man who developed Tannehill and saw the real talent. Sean McVay had found his new wide receivers coach in Los Angeles. The real master stroke in the hiring process was identifying future issues on his team.

McVay knew his quarterbacks' head coach Greg Olson was making a brief appearance buy madden nfl 23 coins with the Rams and could easily be dismissed, and offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur who was generating praise for his head coach as well. Taylor could be the ideal candidate to take over and carry on the development of Jared's Goff.