Тема: The one time Southampton player isn't the tallest of defenders

Atletico Madrid will not be willing to allow Joao Felix go without a fight, but as soon as the chance arise to sign him then you have to break the bank to make sure that you get your hands on FUT 23 Coins the stupidly gifted Portuguese forward.Another deal Serie A buy here, and that's the Martin Caceres of Fiorentina.

The Uruguayan centre-back is an absolute steal -- using Caceres. Having an overall score of 78, the former Juventus defender has before you can afford a number of the league's higher-rated 33, some decent stats that make him a perfect buy. For 78 stats for falling handle, 91 leaping, 80 interceptions, 80 awareness, and instance, standing tackle, and aggression make Caceres a no-brainer when you examine the cost of picking up him.

At 5'11", the one time Southampton player isn't the tallest of defenders, but that is where that impressive 91 jumping variety comes in handy.Watford striker Andre Gray may just have a 76 total rating, but he's some great stats in vital areas -- and is a steal for 800 coins! If you're looking for a striker, many FUT fans tend to search for power, speed, completing, and workrate. For the most part, the prior non-league forward has some numbers in those regions.

The standout figures for Gray are 86 evaluations for acceleration and sprint speed buy FIFA 23 Coins. Power comes in at finishing hits 77 and 80, however, the striker attacking workrate means he will always be keeping himself busy and hopefully be keeping himself amongst the goals. As a stopgap, the little price tag for the Englishman makes him among the deals in the Premier League.