Тема: Another level can always play The EA's FIFA 23

The principle of this is that those who were transferred in the summer are able to be selected as Ones to Watch, meaning they get a special card design , and they are released through packs, Squad-Building Challenges , and/or Objectives. When they get an official (Team of the Week) card to represent their new club, they will be added to the Ones to Watch is automatically changed to reflect their updated performance.

It is also known in FUT terms as a "dynamic card', meaning that it could change in response to things outside of the game. But since most OTW players never received an excellent form (adapting to a new club is hard even if your name is Erling),

In the year 2000, EA last year, EA changed the way OTW cards function by introducing a "Wins to Watch' feature. Since this is a (weird) World Cup year, FIFA 23's Ones to Watch cards will also be getting an 'Nations To Watch upgrade.

The individuals are from Serie A are the highest player ratings in the league. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these playerswhen selecting teams.

Serie A is the highest level of football in Italy. It is comprised of 20 teams, each with its own goals, and they all try to accomplish at the end of the season. Recently the standard of the league has dropped but that doesn't mean that it hasn't prevented exciting prospects from joining the teams.

With the new league kicking off only a few months ago, supporters will be hoping their team of choice takes full advantage of all that glory. Seria A fans who want to take things to another level can always play The EA's FIFA 23, which has the latest ratings for players. As is the case with each new FIFA game the focus is on the highest-rated players from the league.
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