Тема: World of Warcraft : Shadowlands: Chains of Domination

In an interview by Twitch streamer Sloot (via Wowhead), when asked if players will ever be able to level to the next level "alts" (or additional characters apart from the main) on Torghast, Day said he "loved the concept."

World of Warcraft : Shadowlands: Chains of Domination

"I believe it's not something we will do for 9.1 But it would seem like a perfect addition for one of the .5 Updates," Day said.

The ability to upgrade Torghast has been a popular request from the community, since players are basically forced to enter the rogue-like game to earn a currency known as Soul Ash, which is utilized to make the game's powerful Legendary equipment. Allowing players to level new characters and also earn Soul Ash is an impressive two-for-one deal that will enhance the alt-leveling experience.

As it currently exists as of now, Torghast can't be accessed until players are at level 60 and joined an alliance. To allow alts leveling in Torghast will need Blizzard to open up the activity for players earlier in the leveling process. Blizzard changed the rules so that the Torghast layer progress was made account-wide earlier this year, an additional option for alts who love playing multiple characters.
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